Alcohol Addiction Solved Through Support Groups

United we stand and divided we fall is a famous saying that has proved itself to be true time and again. In every walk of life, joyous or gloomy, we need to have a support group to share in our joy or wipe away our tears. Working in groups be it in a company, society, sports team, family or to rid yourself of an addiction will work better than if you set out to do the job all by yourself. One is bound to go astray, lose commitment and concentration and be disheartened at any slightest setback along to road to victory thereby losing the goal that you have set out to accomplish.

The same holds true in the case of alcohol de-addiction treatments. Joining a group like Alcoholics Anonymous or some other de addiction centre where you will come across likeminded people would help in some sort of way. This may be in a small way of making you aware of your problem or in a big way whereby you can rid yourself of your alcohol addiction totally. As with all serious alcohol problems the causes vary. It may be family problems, job dissatisfaction, and problems in love life or some other major dilemma that alcoholics may find themselves in, and this pressure makes them turn to alcohol to find solace.

Self help groups or support groups have been known to work wonders in this kind of situations. By sharing your problems you halve the burden. Alcohol de addiction is not an overnight affair where you walk into an AA meeting and out completely rid of your craving for alcohol. There are times when you will find the task absolutely impossible and you will be sure that you will never be completely cured of your alcohol dependence. This is where counselors and therapists who are well trained in assisting troubled people through all kinds of mental difficulties come in handy.


Admitting that you have a drinking problem that needs to be rectified is half the battle won. When you are clear about your aims and are willing to discuss the matter with people in a similar situation who are all seeking assistance you are sure to come out a winner. The first thing that counselors would advise all persons with a drinking problem is to distance themselves from friends who encourage them to drink or their regular drinking partners. You should not consider this as losing a friend as anyone who encourages you to do something wrong cannot be called your friend.

If alcohol addiction is a major problem about to become life threatening one can register at various de- addiction centers which have been set up in most cities and towns. You can get admitted to any of these centers for extensive treatment and

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counseling coupled with strict adherence to their rules and regulations. Here under strict guidance and monitoring you will be weaned off alcohol along with specific diet, exercise, counseling and interaction with other members of the group who are in a similar boat as you which whom you will be able to connect on a one to one basis. Having someone besides family who you can lean on for encouragement, comfort and guidance goes a long way in making you more determined to solve your drinking problems.